Having a “poker face” is a term that has entered the general lexicon as it accurately describes how a person is able to hide their true feelings with an impassive expression that gives nothing away.

When playing poker, body language and movements can be used to determine whether a competitor has a strong or weak hand of cards. The changes in behavior are commonly known as “tells.” Here are four of the most obvious tells to look out for.

Acting weak

An opponent’s desire to conceal a stronger hand can often manifest in behavior that is more exaggerated with shrugging, sighing, and generally looking exasperated. When trying to look weak, players can often be holding a pair of pocket aces or kings. While this is not always the case, it is one of the easier tells to spot and use for your own decision making.

Massive overbet

When playing atthe best NJ online casino, you will not be able to see an opponent’s physical behavior – so bet timing and amounts is much more important. One of the most obvious online tells is the massive overbet where a player bets larger than the pot.

This bold action can be hard to read and, with so much money on the line, it is often best to be cautious as you may be facing up to a strong hand. While on the odd occasion it may be a bluff, folding to begin with and then observing this player’s behavior thereafter is recommended.

Quick calls

One of the most useful tells to observe is bet timing. When an opponent decides to make a quick call after the flop it usually indicates they have a weaker hand. That is because they did not even take the time to consider whether a raise would be viable to maximize value.

However, it is important to take note of each player’s bet timings so you can determine patterns of play. A quick call for one opponent may be less than a second while for another it could be five seconds or more. Use these timings to your advantage, especially when playing online.

Double checking cards

In physical card rooms, the act of double-checking the two “hole” cards that are dealt pre-flop can be a sign that the player is nervous and unsure how to act next. It could also mean that they are tired and losing focus.

Conversely, anyone who has made a strong hand after the flop is also unlikely to want to draw attention to their cards. Better players do not forget their hole cards either and rarely need to double check to know where they are on the turn or river. When playing poker, you can use this knowledge to determine how potentially strong or weak is an opponent’s hand.

Other common tells include hesitation and pauses when betting, being more vocal during a hand, and showing irritation. These tells can indicate strength or weakness. Like the other tells noted here, you should observe each player and decide whether it is out of character for them before deciding how to act.


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