The Chinese are the ones who created many games that are popular in casinos, from card games to mahjong. Now, one of the most famous ancient dice game called ไฮโล is widely popular among the Thai people because of its fun and exciting nature. Not to mention the chances of you winning significant amounts of cash! With only three dice, your fate is already sealed. This means that you may or may not win the bets you placed, depending on what the dice gives you. That’s why knowing how the game works will greatly help your chances of winning in the next coming rounds.

Sic Bo is only one of the two dice games in a casino, so knowing how it works will increase your chances of becoming a pro gamer. Let’s explore how Sic Bo works and how to become a winner right away!

Easy Rules and Simple Gameplay of Sic Bo that You should Follow

The Sic Bo table is tough to understand, so most new players have difficulty understanding the game. But don’t worry, you will learn the mechanics of this dice game in no time. The main objective of the game is to bet on a particular outcome of the dice:

Place your bets using chips on areas that depict the result you want to bet on.

The dealer shakes the three dice closed in a tiny chest to ensure no cheating.

You win for every correct prediction of number or sum and lose if your predictions are wrong.

There are two basic betting options: the Small and Big bets. The Small bets are when you bet on any number between 4 and 10. On the other hand, the Big bets are when you bet between the numbers 11 and 17.

An Easy Gameplay of Sic Bo to Win Easy Money

For those who want to play Sic Bo, the gameplay and mechanics are very easy to understand. Both novice and professional Sic Bo players will have a grand time placing their bets. As long as you know the game mechanics, you can always think ahead and put the correct bets to win your predictions!

For example, online Sic Bo has straightforward and understandable gameplay. But if any player wants to play to make money, they would need to learn the formula and apply it in each dice bet. There are techniques that players need to understand because it can help them manage their predictions and bets in the future.

The online platform lets the players enjoy Sic Bo all day, every day. The beautiful design and visuals have attracted hundreds of players to play Sic Bo. If you have any problems with the game or your account, customer service will help you out with your concerns. If you want to make great money, Sic Bo is the card game for you.


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